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Instead of just getting rid of things you don't need, think about donating them to us! Your donations will help us support and raise funds for two amazing organizations - Kids Charity and Down Syndrome UK.

Together we can make a difference! So far we have donated over £40 000!

Recycling clothes and other items is not only beneficial for reducing waste, but it also plays a crucial role in mitigating carbon emissions. By transforming waste into valuable resources and funds, we contribute to minimizing the negative social and environmental impact on our planet. Every donation you make helps us combat the mounting issue of tons of clothes ending up in landfills each year. Together, we can create a more sustainable future while providing essential care and assistance to those who require it most.


I booked this company to collect some unwanted stuff for charity, and I am very pleased I have chosen this one! They are very well organized, collection 2 days after booking. I am extremely happy with the service and also happy that my son's toys will find a new, loving home.

I was highly pleased with the service. All i had to do was pack my unwanted items in normal black bin bags, book it in for collection from my own doorstep! And they come and take it away with no hassle. How simple and seamless. Really impressed and have booked again for kids' unwanted toys.

Amazing professional service! I was looking to donate a bunch of stuff and the drop off points were in a completely different part of the city, so I couldn't go there myself. This service was excellent - quick to arrange and timely pick up. Can't recommend enough!